Sometimes a blog, sometimes a mémoire of a retired Döminätrix.

Welcome to


It is my new creative project, which has been conceived as a writing outlet, to allow myself to express a thought or an opinion in a slightly more verbose way than 280 characters of a tweet, and in a more nuanced way.

A colloquial wisdom has it that those who can — do it, those who can’t — teach it. And those who can neither do nor teach — blog about it. As a self-styled FemDöm Pensioner, return to the “active duty” would be unbecoming. And teaching it would take me away from my other current engagements.

So here I give you SOPHISTIK8TED: sometimes a journal, sometimes a blog, sometimes a mémoire, sometimes a podcast, by me, K8 Morgan, a retired Döminätrix.

Illustration of a bird flying.

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